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It’s Time for Change.

Eric Moyer is running for U.S. Congress in Ohio’s 10th district because we need representatives that work for all of us not just the rich.

The Moyer2020 campaign is about empowering the people of the Miami Valley to fight for the needs of our community. Together, we can build a government that fights for quality healthcare for all, public university and trade schools that are tuition-free for all, restoring the dignity of work by increasing wages, and reforming the criminal justice system so that it focuses on rehabilitation and decreasing recidivism – and we are going to do all of the above by rejecting assistance from corporations and lobbyists.

In order to put the people first, we will be battling against the powerful influence of money. But Eric is the ONLY candidate in the Democratic primary to commit to not take any Corporate PAC money or lobbyist money. Our campaign for change is 100% people-powered.

Join Eric in the fight — and together we can be the change.

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Why should I vote for Eric in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, March 17th?

Eric Moyer is the only candidate who supports:

Medicare for All

Tuition-free public universities & trade schools

$15 minimum wage

Increasing the overtime minimum salary threshold (middle class wages)

No corporate PAC money

No lobbyist money



Healthcare. Wages. Education.

This image does not imply endorsement by NASA.

This campaign is about kitchen table economics. It’s about returning the national conversation to solving the everyday issues of the people in our community: healthcare, wages, and education.

I am a scientist, an engineer, and a community activist who was trained to identify problems and to solve them — and that’s what I will do in Congress.

The poor and the middle class have been waiting too long for wealth to start trickling down. Together we will begin to take back our power from the politicians who are absent from the community and unresponsive to our needs. We will also demand that the rich stop exploiting our health and our wealth for their own profit.


This image was taken while I was a scientist at the NASA Ames Research Center but it does not imply any NASA endorsement.

what we’re fighting for

What We’re Fighting For

Medicare for All

Single payer is the most cost effective way to ensure everyone in the United States has access to healthcare. If we want to not leave behind the poor or the elderly or the chronically ill, this is the way.


No More Forever Wars

The United States has been in a continuous war since I was 12 years old. Our friends, neighbors, and family should not be dying or become permanently scarred by a war that was never declared by Congress and has no end in sight.


Gun Reform

A significant majority of Americans believe in universal background checks, temporarily removing guns from at-risk individuals, and banning assault-style weapons. Many deaths from guns are from suicides and I will also fight for increased support for mental health services.


Green New Deal

Our planet is facing a serious threat. Climate change impacts public health, national security, immigration, the economy, and nearly every other public policy! This generation must fix our climate. I’ll be a leader in the fight.



Ready to Join the Fight?

Change only comes when people like you and me make it happen

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