Eric’s Story

Eric Moyer is running for Congress in Ohio’s 10th district because we need representatives who will fight for progressive values and build the coalitions necessary to enact them.

Early Life

Like many other military families, Eric’s parents first came to the Miami Valley after serving all over the world with the United States Air Force. Following more than 20 years combined of active duty service, his parents decided to stay in the area and began second careers as civil servants at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Their more than 70 years (and still counting) of service to the Air Force was a constant reminder of the importance of public service and a guide in forming his values.

In a country where the neighborhood where a child grows up is a major predictor of future wealth, he was privileged that Kettering had public schools that are at a quality that many others in the country are not. But despite academic scholarships and thousands of hours of part-time work since he was 14, he still relied on loans to study Biomedical Engineering at Ohio State and graduated with tens of thousands of dollars of debt

At Ohio State, Eric focused on public service outside of the classroom, including volunteer projects that applied his engineering coursework and interest in green energy solutions for the local and international community.


Also while a student Eric became an advocate for federal financial aid. In Washington and in Columbus he petitioned elected officials to increase the funding for Pell grants and warned about the snowballing debt burden of higher education. Almost a decade later and the student debt crisis has only become worse. Tens of millions of people are living with student loan debt – many for so long that their Social Security checks are being garnished.

Capping student loan interest rates and Pell grants are not enough, we need to expand access to public colleges and trade schools by making them tuition-free and relieve the burden on those still living with this debt.

The creation of the public school system enabled the American dream for hundreds of millions of children and expanding on that to include higher education and trade schools is needed now that the world is only becoming more competitive and complex. Not everyone chooses to continue their education, but no one should be scared away because of affordability or the threat of a lifetime of debt.


Public Service Experience

After graduation, Eric began a career as a research scientist in the Space Biology Division at the NASA Ames Research Center in California. After 4 years at NASA he started his graduate studies in the Netherlands. Putting an experienced scientist in Congress is adding someone who relies on fact-based evidence to support claims.

Life in California and the Netherlands showed Eric how different Ohio could be with better representation in office. Progressive policies – such as healthcare for all, a high investment in education, and fair employee compensation that ensures a dignity of work – not only serve the needs of the residents but also protected those economies during the recession that continues to leave so many Ohioans behind.

Now at the University of Dayton researching the causes of Alzheimer’s, Eric continues to try to solve problems. Outside of the lab he partners with a group of West Dayton religious leaders and community members on issues of poverty, public health, and healthcare access. 

We need Eric’s passion for improving the lives of those in the community and his problem solving background as an engineer to represent us. We need Eric to fight for progressive values as our next representative to Congress.

Together we can be the change.

Change only comes when people like you and me make it happen

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