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This campaign is about reclaiming our democracy from corporations, unresponsive politicians, and the influence of money and lobbyists.

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Healthcare is a human right.

The National Academy of Sciences calculated that 22,000 people in the U.S. die from preventable diseases every year. Another 700,000 declare bankruptcy due to medical expenses. Half of all Americans diagnosed with cancer go bankrupt within two years. The United States pays more per person in healthcare and has worse health outcomes. Our life expectancy is actually declining when it is increasing in most other developed countries. A major reason for this is healthcare access. This is unacceptable.

A system without barriers – no more time wasted convincing an insurance adjuster that a procedure your doctor prescribed is “medically necessary”, no more condemning to bankruptcy those that have a medical emergency or those with chronic illnesses that reach their deductible every year, no more premiums, no more worrying if the hospital your ambulance is taking you to is “in network”, no more staying in a job you hate because you need access to the healthcare plan, and no more dreading a surprise visit from a healthcare practitioner when you were unable to check or unaware that they would be out-of-network. This is all possible with Medicare for All and it can be done within two years. This transition will allow those who receive insurance through their employer time to renegotiate other benefits instead and those employed in the insurance industry and billing to be retrained for other fields. Tens of millions of more people will finally have worry-free access to healthcare and those already knowledgeable in administration and compliance will be crucial to meeting the surging demand for healthcare provider expansion. Horse and buggy drivers and telephone operators transitioned to new jobs because of new technology, insurance and billing workers will be helped to adapt to the new economy too.

Eric will fight for prescription eyeglasses, prescription drugs, hearing aids, mental healthcare, reproductive health services, preventive care services, and more are included in healthcare plans for everyone. Our society benefits when no one worries about access to healthcare or has to decide between bills and necessary medical procedures. Our workers benefit when they have the freedom to move between jobs or are not held hostage during contract negotiations because of the threat of gaps in coverage. Together we can fix this.

Eric SUPPORTS H.R.1384 – Medicare for All Act of 2019.

Mental Healthcare for All

The one out of five Americans who are battling depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, and other common mental health disorders that are ignored by society will finally have a representative. Eric will fight for healthcare access to also mean access to comprehensive mental healthcare, including in the veterans and rural communities that have increasingly felt so much pain and loss from diseases of despair. Our lack of support for mental healthcare must change.

The increased rates of suicides, depression, PTSD, and addiction are signs that our community has not done enough to combat mental health disorders. A major reason for that lack of necessary attention in addressing them has been the social stigma attached to these conditions. Eric’s own personal experiences in dealing with these issues will serve to provide the kind of real world understanding and leadership necessary for making sure our health care system more effectively provides the care so many of our citizens need and deserve

All employers should have access to paid family leave and sick leave. Our society benefits when workers are healthy and when parents have time to bond with their children.

Low Income Earners

Repeated studies have shown that increasing the minimum wage improves lives of more than just workers who were below the previous minimum wage. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office reported that a $15 minimum wage would lift 1.3 million people out of poverty, boost the wages of 17 million workers making below $15 per hour, and boost the wages of 10 million workers making slightly more than $15 per hour.

Increasing the minimum wage has shown to decrease the rate of suicide, lead to higher rates of high school graduation, and lower the number of people living with unmet medical needs. “Every $1.00 increase in a state’s minimum wage was associated with a 1.9 percent decrease in its annual suicide rate.”

The incumbent voted NO on the Raise the Wage Act. Eric will vote YES.

Middle Income Earners

The average salaried American works 49 hours per week. That’s 9 hours where you are working overtime but not receiving any additional pay. Eric will support raising the overtime minimum salary threshold so that employers will be required to pay overtime for overtime worked. This policy has been described as a “wage increase for the middle class” by economists.

This policy in the news.

Investing in our children is investing in our future. Eric was fortunate to have access to a very good public education in Kettering and he wants every child to have that opportunity. Our public schools have been increasingly deprived of the proper resources and funding necessary to accomplish their mission, and this backward trend must end.  Ohio’s education system has gone from a national ranking of 5th in the nation to 20th in only a few short years. This neglect has an even more disproportionate impact on students of color, with Ohio’s graduation rate among black students falling to 45th in the nation (as of 2016). This must end.

Turning this around starts with decreasing the reliance of public schools on local property taxes by increasing federal supplementary funding. The status quo just makes the schools in rich districts get richer while the struggling schools in struggling neighborhoods are stuck. Increased federal assistance for public education will help, along with paying teachers like the professionals they are and reducing the reliance on high stakes standardized testing.

Universal School Lunch

Repeated studies have shown that good nutrition is essential for student learning, yet one out of five children go hungry every year and do not have access to lunch at school. By expanding the existing free school lunch program to provide free meals to all students, we can ensure that every student has access to a meal without requiring embarrassment for the lower income students or administrative hurdles for their caregivers. For the past several years, every child in Dayton Public Schools and Trotwood Public Schools has received a free meal through the FDA. Research has repeatedly shown that universal meal programs can double attendance rates and reduce disciplinary issues. Every public school district in the Miami Valley has children living in poverty, and those schools should be covered too.

Eric SUPPORTS H. R. 4684 – Universal School Meals Program Act

Tuition-free Public University and Trade Schools

A higher skilled workforce has shown to have benefits on health, wealth, and quality of life for the entire society. While continuing education after high school is not for everyone, those who decide to attend college or trade school should have access to these pathways for self-improvement. Education and learning a skill are two of the best ways to improve economic mobility.

Eric SUPPORTS H.R.3472 – College for All Act of 2019

Unions helped build the middle class. Previously playing a large role in Ohio’s economic well-being, these organizations fought to end child labor and unsafe work conditions, establish the 40 hour work week, paid sick leave, and the creation of Social Security – all while leading the way on women’s rights, civil rights, and immigrant rights. Reestablishing union strength is an important step towards rebuilding the middle class.

Going forward we must stop the war on workers by ending so-called ‘Right to Work’ laws nationwide. We must also protect unions of the future by requiring that negotiations of new trade agreements involve all stakeholders.

Eric SUPPORTS the Employee Fair Choice Act that strengthens our unions by eliminating barriers to formation, increases the penalties on employers who retaliate against organizing union members, and improves the quality of our jobs.

All workers, whether union or not, should have paid family leave, sick leave, and vacation days comparable to the amount workers receive in other countries. A healthy society depends on time off in both increased productivity and job satisfaction.

As a scientist, Eric has read the data and the reports himself. Climate change is probably the most serious issue that his generation and those that follow will face, and it is imperative that it is addressed now. Eric will fight for a variety of solutions to be included into a Green New Deal such as increasing better energy efficiency standards, federal assistance for retrofitting existing property and structures, redirecting subsidies for oil, gas, and coal into renewable energy sources, placing a price on carbon, penalizing industries that are major polluters that find ways to circumvent international environmental laws like the shipping and cruiseline industry, and investing in grants for the local development of modern public transportation and bike lanes.

Eric is not interested in taking away your hamburgers or airplane travel, but scientific research has shown that simple changes like switching the diet of livestock from grain to seaweed can significantly reduce greenhouse emissions. This ability to innovate and experiment is one more reason to reverse the corporate consolidation of family farms through stronger anti-trust laws. Such innovation will also be necessary in other areas such as new battery technology to allow more efficient storage of renewable energy or to provide electric powered airplanes. We should be fostering that innovative spirit because our future depends on it. Our region is particularly suited to being an important hub for this innovation, as it is the home of Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Wright State University, and the University of Dayton, three major centers of cutting edge research and development that are vital to the development of these necessary technologies.

Cleaning Up Past Messes

This campaign is not only focused on the future but also the past by cleaning up messes we’ve already made, such as the 8 sites contaminated with hazardous substances in the 10th district (among the 38 total throughout Ohio) designated as Superfund priorities by the Environmental Protection Agency. Some of the locations have been on the list for decades and are still contaminated. This is wrong and may be damaging public health. We should be doing more to hold the corporations that endanger our air and water responsible.

We also need to address the long-term storage of nuclear waste that has been building up at plants for decades when they were only designed for temporary storage. Too many politicians have been punting these problems to future generations. It doesn’t have to be this way and together we can change it.

In most states the cost of infant care is more than public college tuition, and families spend up to a third of their income on childcare. Despite this, childcare workers are often significantly underpaid. Our children’s development is falling behind that of children in other countries of the developed world, and Eric believes a major reason is the lack of universal access to high quality childcare like those that already are available in other countries.

Eric would propose legislation that raises the wages of these childcare workers to be on par with elementary school teachers with similar experience.

The financial burden makes it difficult for many parents to hold a job and provide care for their family, and some estimates suggest 5.2 million more children would be in childcare services if they had access. This is why Eric would propose an optional federal grant where parents can choose a childcare facility that is suitable for their needs and it would be universal for all children between ages zero and five, and up until age 13 for lower and middle income families. For all other families, the cost would be capped at around 7% of family income if the parents chose childcare for their children between 5 and 13.

Eric will vote YES on the Child Care for Working Families Act.

Planned Parenthood provides essential services to men and women, including preventive care, STI screening and treatment, cancer screening, fertility services, hormone therapy, and many more general health care services. Termination of pregnancies are only a very small fraction of the healthcare services they provide – services which large numbers of people rely on for their vital health care needs.

Eric supports an end to the Hyde Amendment which limits access to health services for low income families.

Eric also supports forbidding federal funds from going to “crisis pregnancy centers” which knowingly mislead and entrap women seeking reproductive health services with false information and pseudoscience like “abortion reversal”. Anyone with some knowledge of modern medical science knows that this procedure does not exist. These clinics are not currently required to respect patient privacy laws, and use this legal loophole to harass and intimidate people who were misled into visiting their facilities. These deceptive and manipulative practices need to be stopped – and together we can do that.

Dayton is the 14th most segregated metro area in the country and this has a long history in the formation of our local geography. The mostly white suburbs we see in our community were created by white flight from the urban core and then made permanent with discriminatory mortgage lending practices – a pattern still exists in Dayton. Dayton is the only city in Ohio with this problem and it must end. This segregation leads to discrimination in other ways such as in West Dayton with the closing of schools or the only hospital with emergency services in predominantly black communities. Together we can implement more comprehensive audits of lending practices, increase home ownership among people of color, and desegregate our communities.

It’s not just housing that leads to racial disparities. As an example in health, Black women are more than three times more likely to die during childbirth and an example with the justice system black people are eight times more likely to be arrested and jailed for drug charges than white Americans despite similar rates of drug usage in both populations. Even in our district, a 2017 report by Dayton Police revealed that even though the black population is 40% of the city, 62% of the cases of use of force by police, 92% of vehicle pursuits by police, and 53% of reports of excessive force by police occurred against black residents.

Eric believes that progressives should focus on building allies with the many law enforcement officers and healthcare providers who also notice these racial discrepancies and want to change systems currently set up to disproportionately impact people of color. Eric believes that unconscious bias training and increasing diversity in the groups developing policy and procedures will help, but any amount of discrimination or abuse is unacceptable and there should be procedures in place to automatically investigate and prosecute those who do abuse the system or the people in it.

Together, we can reduce racial disparities in health outcomes by enacting Medicare for All, ensuring that police forces and prosecutors mirror the population of their community, mandating the use of body cameras, triggering an automatic investigation anytime an officer fires their weapon or an individual dies because of the actions of police, returning discretion to judges by ending mandatory minimum sentencing, and legalizing marijuana, releasing non-violent incarcerated individuals who only are convicted for drug possession charges, and .

Native Americans received $1.3 billion (that’s $33.8 billion in today’s money) for the U.S. government seizing land, Native Alaskans received reparations from the U.S. government in the form of land and payment for land that was seized from their ancestors due to oil, the U.S. government paid reparations for the Tuskegee Experiments where hundreds of black men were left untreated for syphilis after government officials lied to them, Japanese Americans received $20,000 per person because of internment during WWII. But for slavery, the U.S. didn’t even officially apologize until 2009 and has never paid reparations.

Eric will vote YES on H.R.40 which creates a Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act and he will fight to enact the commission’s recommendations.

Our current system is inhumane. Just in the last few years we have treated humans as invaders or animals, locked people in cages, and created more than 572 orphaned children. This is wrong and Eric will not be silent or fail to act while it continues. We can have immigration laws and still enforce them humanely.

Immigration Court Reform

A major component of immigration reform includes immigration courts. We must increase the funding of immigration courts so that asylum applications and other claims are processed faster. Our courts already determine which claimants have legitimate need for asylum and if these claims are rejected then the applicants are sent back to their country of origin. The process currently takes many months and this is too long. Increased funding and more judges can shorten this time to improve clarity for applicants and not keep people in limbo. In addition, no unaccompanied child and no asylum seeker should go without legal representation in the complex system. Eric will propose funding to increase access to lawyers and social workers that can help the vulnerable navigate through.

As is Eric’s stance on all law enforcement, our border patrol and immigration enforcement must contain more social workers. Anyone with a well-founded fear of persecution based on religion, race, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group should be processed quickly and allowed to work and live in the United States while even those denied should still be treated with compassion.

Keeping our Promises to Foreign Nationals who Fought Beside Our Military

We must uphold our promises to foreign nationals who supported U.S. military and diplomatic efforts abroad and were offered the opportunity to apply for special immigration visas in exchange for their cooperation. Nearly 100,000 Iraqis and Afghanis received this promise from the United States but only 150 refugees were admitted through this program in the first year of the Trump administration. Even the Pentagon said it was concerned that this policy is harming national security. Regardless of how Americans feel about immigration or immigrants, there should be bipartisan support in Congress to support those who fight alongside our armed services.

Skilled Worker Visa Reform

From Eric’s background in academic research and from his time living in Silicon Valley while he worked at NASA, he saw how our H1-B visa program for skilled immigrants is broken and exploitative. Many companies abuse the program by displacing American workers with lower cost immigrants while claiming that not enough skilled Americans could be found for those jobs and then exploiting the migrant labor who are completely dependent on the company to remain in the United States. Even in our own community this broken system has led to investigations of fraud.

Eric has solutions for this. When he is our representative in Congress he will propose enforcing a Good Faith Recruitment requirement where American workers must have the first and legitimate shot at employment and increase the fee for companies to apply for the visa to disincentivize their usage on low skilled jobs.

To prevent exploitation of these workers, Eric would propose significantly raising their wages so the incentive for companies to hire H1-B workers over Americans is decreased. One way to do this is to issue the visa to the employee instead of the employer so the recipient can work in other companies in the same role. Since this program is supposed to be filling high skilled positions where American workers are insufficient, another way is to grant visa applications for the highest rank of skill first instead of how it functions now which is a lottery where most visas are granted to entry-level and trainee programs. Also Eric would propose requirements that companies must apply for permanent residency status within 30 days of hiring H1-B visa holders so this promise cannot be a dangled carrot that is never reached. To encourage development in Historically Underutilized Business Zones Eric would propose that a large portion of all H1-B visas must go to businesses in areas that are still struggling to recover from the recession a decade ago.

Undocumented immigrants already in the United States

No immigration reform is complete without a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants. Our local communities rely on the contributions of these residents to the economies and culture, and we need to allow them to come out of the shadows. As a component of reform, companies that hire undocumented workers should receive stiffer penalties. People that have already lived in the United States for more than a decade without any criminal convictions have demonstrated they can be an upstanding part of our community. They should be granted the opportunity to become lawful permanent residents. This policy has been supported by 80% of registered voters but our representatives have not followed through. Together we can change that.

The battle for LGBTQ+ rights didn’t end when the Supreme Court struck down bans on gay marriage, and Eric’s time in office will be spent building on that success.

Contrast that to the incumbent who supported a constitutional ban on gay marriage (source), was rated a 0% by the Human Rights Campaign, and voted to exclude LGBTQ+ couples from the Violence Against Women Act in 2012.

Eric will continue the fight for equality in office by advocating for more inclusion and equity of non-conforming people. He will fight to ban discrimination because of sexual orientation or gender identity, closing the gaps in health outcomes and health access when compared to those outside of the community, push for an end to homelessness especially among youth, banning conversion therapy, and promoting inclusiveness and representation in Eric’s office and his decision-making processes.

Eric will vote YES on the Equality Act which bans discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender. The incumbent representative did not show up on the day this came up for a vote.

Eric will vote YES on the Every Child Deserves a Family Act to end discriminatory adoption practices which leaves thousands of children in the foster system when there are loving families who want to become parents.

Eric knows from personal experience how frustrating it is to contact your elected officials and receive no response. He also knows from personal experience how discouraging it is for public officials to not have public events such as town halls where you can directly interact. This is the brand of representation that the Ohio 10th district has had for almost two decades. Together we can change that.

Eric pledges to have at least one monthly town hall event that is free and open to the general public and press and that will be announced more than 48 hours in advance. All Eric’s town halls will provide at least 30 minutes for open, unscreened questions from the audience. His office will also strive to take advantage of live-streaming opportunities to allow remote participation for residents in the district that cannot attend in person.

Inclusiveness and accountability are important to Eric and he will make them a pillar of his time in Congress.

Extending rights to corporations has had a very detrimental impact on our country. Citizens United v FEC gave corporations the ability to spend an unlimited amount on our elections, Burwell v. Hobby Lobby gave corporations the ability to have a religion and use it to deny aspects of healthcare to employees. These are both wrong and it may take a constitutional amendment to correct them. Individuals have these rights enshrined in the constitution but corporations should not.

Some aspects of this can be preserved such as the ability for corporations to own property, enter into contracts, and to be sued or to sue others, but criminal misconduct should pass through to those responsible for the illegal activity. No more regulatory capture where corporations have priced in the fines that they might receive and still proceed because they’ve determined that these destructive activities will still be profitable.

A significant majority of Americans agree: background checks should be universal, at-risk individuals should have their guns temporarily removed via due process (“red flag” laws), and assault-style weapons should be banned. It is corruption from money and lobbyists at the National Rifle Association that have prevented our politicians from acting.

Universal Background Checks

Eric would vote YES on Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019 to require background checks even from private sellers. The incumbent voted NO.

We don’t need a representative who will wait until every issue directly hurts our neighborhood before saying anything and we certainly don’t need a representative that will do nothing once it does. What we need is a leader who will do something proactively and fight until it gets done.

Red Flag Laws

Two out of every three gun deaths are from suicide. While Eric believes that gun control reform must be coupled with an expansion of mental health services to significantly reduce this number, he understands that any time delay in the process of acquiring a gun or break in owning a gun during periods of personal crisis will greatly reduce the number of suicides. Evidence of this is clear just by comparing the suicide rates in the U.S. versus nearly every other developed Western country where rates are much lower or in the several studies that showed decreases of up to 13% in states who enacted these laws.

Perpetrators of mass shootings showed warning signs ahead of time in 42% of cases and a federal Red Flag Law could decrease their occurrence.

Assault-Style Weapons and Modifications

The Dayton shooter killed 9 of our neighbors in less than 30 seconds and while dozens more were injured on the scene, thousands more were scarred at home. Eric agrees with Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl who said “To have that level of weaponry in a civilian environment, unregulated, is problematic.” There is not a legitimate need for this type of weapon and we need them to be well regulated.

The National Rifle Association

The NRA has had a grip on our politics for too long. They’ve given more than $20,000 to the incumbent and he has an “A” rating. Politicians who can be bought are ruining our democracy and it is a significant factor for Eric deciding to reject all corporate PAC and lobbyist money.

Our military has grown so large that some support services have failed to keep up and it is leaving many veterans behind.

More airmen die from suicide than any foreign enemy, and the USAF is not even the branch with the highest rate of suicide. Eric proposes expanding the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine located at Wright Patterson AFB to include more research, training, and positions to address the mental health needs of our deployed and retired service members.

This is especially important as recently released reports concern the high levels of stress and anxiety of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles pilots. Once this research is developed our airman can use these findings as a model for training other branches of our armed services. Funding this type of research is considered a priority by the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization and Eric would work with them and local veterans on this policy.

Research and Development

Eric’s experience as a research scientist at NASA is very similar to the scientists and engineers at WPAFB and the other research facilities in the area such as Wright State and at the University of Dayton. His past work at a government research facility make him an excellent advocate for increasing research funding for the Air Force Research Lab headquartered at WPAFB and for the other research facilities in the region. This investment will help to reverse the brain drain and the youth exodus that our area and our state have been facing for decades.

North Carolina picked up their economy with the development of the Research Triangle between Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill which turned it into a hub for healthcare and technology. The immense quality of our local research institutions can allow us to make the Miami Valley a hub for Air Force Medicine, Green Technology, autonomous vehicles, or a number of other potential regional focuses.

Coming from a military family, Eric is aware of the difficulties faced by both members of the armed services and their loved ones.

One of the largest barriers to our Veterans Affairs hospitals is that veterans do not know which services they are eligible for, including those for mental health. First we need to increase funding to reduce wait times and quality for our veterans and we must automatically enroll those veterans who are eligible into Veterans Affairs so care can be granted in a more seamless way. All barriers that can be removed will improve the healthcare for veterans.

For those veterans that do seek treatment, the number of backlogs is at more than 10,000 veterans More funding to reduce VA hospital wait times is needed while the country transitions to Medicare for All.

The United States has been at war since I was 12 years old. It is my generation that has lost so many lives to the War on Terror and has had so many more physically or mentally scarred. This cannot continue to another generation after us.

The Washington Post uncovered military documents that disclosed that the Defense Department, State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development have appropriated an inflation adjusted $1 trillion in Afghanistan alone, and that does not even include spending by the CIA or the Department of Veterans Affairs. The documents also reveal that the military officials and politicians lied to the American people by exaggerating the positive aspects of the war effort. The incumbent has been on the Armed Services committee AND the Intelligence Committee for years and it was his job to know this. What did he know and when did he know it?

The incumbent has voted 10 times against repealing the Authorization of Use of Military Force which enables these forever wars. This has weakened the Constitutional separations of power and has been used to justify war in Afghanistan, the Philippines, Yemen, Georgia, Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Iraq, and Somalia. I will vote YES to repeal this authorization. If the president or the American people want a war then Congress can declare a war as the Constitution allows.

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